Double Major Committee Members

  • Ahmet Beyaz
  • Semra Öztürk (Chair)
  • Semra Pamuk

Essential Note

It is important to for the double major/minor students to read the corresponding METU directive for double major programs or minor programs.

Mathematics Double Major Program

The double major program includes all courses of the undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Mathematics. Admitted students will be exempt from Math 153, Math 154, Math 115 and Math 261 in case Math 260 is taken before the admission with a minimum grade of BB.

Mathematics Minor Program

The program includes the following package of courses:

  • Math 119, Math 120 (or Math 117-118 or MATH 153-154), Math 261*, Math 262, Math 251, Math 252, Math 349 and
  • Two (three*, if 261 is skipped) courses from the Department of Mathematics with codes 3xx or 4xx (except Math 303, Math 304, Math 396, Math 486, and Math 496), subject to the approval of the Department of Mathematics.

* The course Math 261 can be skipped according to the demand of the student if

  • Math 260 is a course for the major department of the student, and
  • Math 260 is completed with a grade of CB or higher (regardless of the date of admission of the student to the Mathematics minor program).

* If Math 261 is skipped, then the student has to take one more course from the Mathematics Department with codes 3xx or 4xx, subject to the approval of the Department of Mathematics. 

Note that no student can register for Math 260 within the Mathematics minor program. This course can only be taken within the major program of the student.  

The Department of Mathematics determines the quota for each semester and students are admitted by the Department of Mathematics Committee of Minor and Double Major according to this quota and the criteria given below.

Criteria for the Applicants to the program(s)

  • See Criteria of the METU for the applicants to any double major & minor programs
  • A minimum grade of BB (CB for the Minor program) from the first year Calculus courses (Math 117-118 or Math 119-120 or MATH 153-154)
  • Ranking with respect to CGPA

How to apply to the program(s)