Last Updated:
13/10/2020 - 18:10

The instructors of the graduate courses have prepared the following online documents in order to make the necessary announcements about the organizational meetings and preferred lecture hours. You shall attend the organizational meeting if you are planning to register for a graduate course. The live lecture hours are tentative and they may change because of possible conflicts.

Organizational Meeting Hours:

Live Lecture Hours:

MATH 501 Analysis - Fall 2020

  • Instructor: Özcan Yazıcı
  • Course link(s): Syllabus

MATH 503 Algebra I - Fall 2020

MATH 535 Topology - Fall 2020

MATH 537 Algebraic Topology I - Fall 2020

MATH 581 Numerical Analysis - Fall 2020

  • Instructor: Songül Kaya Merdan
  • Course link(s): Syllabus

MATH 771 Homological Algebra - Fall 2020