The Mathematics Department of METU has large and active research groups working on several branches of mathematics. The department currently has 38 full time faculty members with diverse research areas in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, Analysis, Coding Theory and Cryptography, Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis, and Geometry-Topology.

Students completing the M.Sc. program will have career options including enrolling in a Ph.D. program to using their mathematical expertise in jobs requiring advanced skills. Graduate students can take a variety of advanced courses according to their interests and they have an opportunuity to work with faculty members who are experts in their research areas, and to take part in activities of corresponding research groups in the department. Our graduate students, in particular, can participate in regular seminars, events and projects organized by the members of each research group.

M.Sc. Program

MATH 500 M.Sc. Thesis: NC
7 elective courses and a seminar course (NC)
Minimum total credit: 21
Number of courses with credit (min): 7

How to complete the program

The program consists of three tasks.

1. To pass 7 graduate courses (21credits) and a seminar course successfully.

2. To pass the thesis proposal defense.

3. To write up and defend the thesis.

Please see the acedemic catalog for details (possible elective courses, contents, programs etc.). 

How to apply to the program

Canditates must have a B.S. degree with CGPA of minimum 2.75/4.00. In fact, it is desirable to have B.S. degree in mathematics, or to have taken a number of mathematics courses during studies for the B.S. degree. Furthermore, candidates must have ALES (quantitative) score of min. 70, and they must submit language test score.

For more details see here.